Sunday, January 15, 2012

Imam gets life of prison dawah for jihad plot to firebomb JFK Airport

From Jihad Watch:

Imam gets life of prison dawah for jihad plot to firebomb JFK Airport

How did a 66-year-old Shi'ite imam, who has dedicated his life to serving Allah and teaching Islam, come to misunderstand his religion so drastically as to get involved in a jihad terror plot? And why won't the media ask the question and explore its implications? And how many times have I asked those questions before, as unreality and fantasy-based policymaking gains an ever firmer hold in Washington?

"Man Sentenced to Life in NYC Airport Terror Plot," from AP, January 13 (thanks to Kenneth):

NEW YORK (AP) - A Muslim man has been sentenced to life in prison for joining a failed plot in 2007 to firebomb New York's John F. Kennedy Airport by blowing up jet fuel supplies with the help of a notorious al-Qaida explosives expert.

A federal judge in Brooklyn gave Kareem Ibrahim the life term Friday. A jury found him guilty last year of conspiracy.

Ibrahim's attorneys had argued in court papers that he only deserved 13 years.

They claimed prosecutors had exaggerated his role in a scheme that had been infiltrated by an FBI informant and had no chance of succeeding.

U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement that the 66-year-old Shiite imam from Trinidad "abandoned the true tenants [sic!] of his religion" by participating in the plot.

Yes, I am sure that Loretta Lynch knows so much more about the true "tenants" of Islam than does a 66-year-old Shi'ite imam.

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