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Putin Arms as Obama Disarms

From Godfather Politics:

Putin Arms as Obama Disarms

political-pictures-vladimir-putin-my-nameOver the past week, we’ve seen reports that President Obama plans to reduce the size of the US military and disarm a large portion of our nuclear arsenal.  His forced Pentagon cuts will result in nearly 100,000 service men and women being eliminated from the armed forces.  He also wants to scrap 80% of America’s nuclear weapons.
Obama is also pushing to revamp the military retirement system which would greatly reduce the number of career personnel.  It’s obvious that he has no respect for those who serve in the military or who desire to commit twenty years of their lives to defending our nation.
His goal is to cut the US military budget by hundreds of billions of dollars and weaken our national defenses.  He has demoralized a large portion of the military by his policies on gays in the military, oppression of Christian teachings by military chaplains and his promotion of Muslim teachings and rights in the armed forces.
So while Obama is busy slashing America’s military defenses to pieces, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is doing the exact opposite.  He has just committed $772 billion for arms buildup over the next ten years.
For what reason did Putin announce his plans to increase Russia’s military defenses?
He said that it had to do with the West (which includes the US) and their openness to disregard international law in intervening in other sovereign countries.  Russia has a huge treasure of natural resources and Putin said that he could envision other countries trying to invade Russia for them as the world economy weakens and becomes more unstable.
The government news Rossiskaya Gazeta quoted Putin as saying,
“The processes of global transformation currently underway may carry all sorts of risks with them, many of them unpredictable.  In a situation of global economic and other kinds of hardships, it may be very tempting for some to resolve their problems at others’ expense, through pressure and coercion. It is no wonder that we already hear some voices saying that it is ‘only natural’ that resources of global significance should soon be declared as being above national sovereignty. We must exclude any such possibility, even a hypothetical one, with respect to Russia. This means that we should not tempt anybody with our weakness.
“We are forced to take decisive steps to bolster our national aerospace defense system to counter the US and NATO efforts in the deployment of missile defense.  One cannot be ‘too patriotic’ about this issue. Russia’s military response to the global US missile shield, including its European part, will be effective and asymmetrical, a match for US missile defense policy.”
Putin’s plans to use the $772 billion for,
“400 new intercontinental ballistic missiles, 2,300 late-generation tanks, 600 modern combat aircraft – including at least 100 military-purpose space planes – eight nuclear ballistic missile submarines, 50 surface warships as well as a whole new inventory of artillery, air defense systems, and about 17,000 new military vehicles.”
China continues to build its military and defenses and now Russia is doing the same.  Iran and North Korea are determined in their efforts to develop nuclear weapons and have threatened to use them if necessary.
So why in the world would Obama do the exact opposite and cut our military power and weapons when everyone else is building their up?  The last thing any person or nation needs to do in the face of increased dangers is to let down your defenses.
I can’t help but wonder if Obama is not setting America up for an economic and military takeover by foreign powers because nothing else makes sense of what he’s doing.

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