Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kenya gets it: Deports Canadian Jihad Preacher on Arrival

From Creeping Sharia:

Kenya gets it: Deports Canadian Jihad Preacher on Arrival

TORONTO — The controversial Canadian Muslim preacher Bilal Philips has been deported from Kenya due to security concerns, hours after he landed in the country for a speaking tour, Nairobi newspapers are reporting.
“We had to turn him away because he easily mobilizes people using his controversial teachings wherever he goes,” said Njiru Mwaniki, chief of the Anti-Terrorism Police. “This is dangerous to our country.”
The police chief said Mr. Philips “has been in terror circles,” the Nation reported. The Standard quoted a senior immigration official involved in the deportation, who said, “He is not wanted here because he may poison our youth through his controversial preaching.”
He was deported on Wednesday.
A Muslim group has demanded an apology and noted that Mr. Philips had visited in 2009. Kenya is now struggling to deal with radicalized Muslim youths who support the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab in neighboring Somalia.
Born in Jamaica, Mr. Philips converted to Islam after immigrating to Canada. He studied in Saudi Arabia and is now referred to as an Islamic scholar. He lives in Qatar and has written over 50 books. His writings preach against listening to music, which he compares to a drug, call homosexuality “evil” and claim that AIDS is a form of divine punishment.
Kenya is just the latest country to deny him entry. Last year, Mr. Philips was expelled from Germany for allegedly advocating the killing of homosexuals. Britain and Australia have taken similar action and the U.S. has named him as a suspected terrorist co-conspirator. He continues to visit Canada and spoke last year at two Toronto mosques whose former worshippers have joined al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups.

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