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Muslim fired from British Airways after his close ties with jihad terror plotter were discovered now claiming he was fired for being a Muslim

From Jihad Watch:

Muslim fired from British Airways after his close ties with jihad terror plotter were discovered now claiming he was fired for being a Muslim
Clearly firing someone who corresponded frequently with, gave money to, a socialized with a jihad terrorist, and who was listening to speeches by Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, could clearly only have been motivated by "Islamophobia."

Jaw-Dropping Chutzpah Alert: "BA baggage handler 'who was groomed to be a terrorist' claims he was sacked for being a Muslim," by Eddie Wrenn in the Daily Mail, February 23 (thanks to David):

A 'terrorist sympathiser' linked to a notorious airline bomb plot is claiming he was unfairly sacked as a British Airways baggage handler because of his religion.
Counter terrorist police found an apparent plan to groom Shahzada Khan to place a package on a plane bound for America.

During an investigation into Rajib Karim, who was jailed for 30 years last March for plotting to place a bomb on an airplane heading to America, police discovered emails between Karim and Khan, as well as emails between Karim and hate-preacher Anwar al-Awlaki.

Cracking the heavily-encrypted emails, police suspected Karim and al-Awlaki were grooming Khan to help them smuggle a bomb onto an American-bound plane.

When police checked Khan's computer, they discovered speeches by Osama Bin Laden and al-Awlaki, the tribunal heard.

There were also clips of 'martyrdom' and explosions interspersed with an image of a BA executive clubcard.

A PDF file was being downloaded when officers arrived at Khan's home in Slough, which described America as: 'The land of shame, crime, vile, filth and evil.

'Furthermore it is the most populous in whore house, homosexuality and lesbianism.'

The tribunal heard that police then had to decrypt Khan's emails, which were so heavily protected it took police months to break through layer after layer of encryption.

The emails contained coded references to a man called 'shzd' being groomed to place a bomb on a plane, and Khan's phone number was saved on Karim's phone under the same four-letter code.

Police also discovered Khan had given money to Karim, which they suspected was to help fund terrorist activities.

A knife was also discovered in Khan's work locker, which he denied knowledge of, and photographs of planes were found on his mobile phone, although he said these were taken in his role as a health and safety representative.

Khan was arrested during the counter terror investigation but ultimately released without charge due to a lack of direct evidence, the tribunal was told.

Khan admitted meeting Karim up to 10 times for dinner, as well as playing football and cricket with the terrorist. he also invited him into his own home.

Following the allegations, British Airways sacked Khan last December,.

But Khan has now launched legal action, saying he was unfairly dismissed for religious reasons....

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