Thursday, February 23, 2012

Muslim who disrupted Continental flight arrested in vehicular jihad 2 days earlier

From Creeping Sharia:

Muslim who disrupted Continental flight arrested in vehicular jihad 2 days earlier

An update on the Muslim who disrupted a Continental flight shouting allahu akbar:
(KHOU) – Yazeed Mohammed-Abunayyan was charged with interfering with the operation of an aircraft in federal court Wednesday.
According to court documents, Abunayyan, who is from Saudi Arabia, became upset shortly after boarding Continental Flight 1113 because he was not seated next to his traveling companion.
Shortly after the flight took off, Abunayyan allegedly tried to light an electronic cigarette. When a female flight attendant asked him to stop, court documents state that Abunayyan ignored her, then started yelling and cursing.  When the flight attendant left her seat and approached him, Abunayyan reportedlytried to punch her.
Abunayyan also allegedly hit or tried to hit several passengers who came to the flight attendant’s aid, all while speaking or singing about Osama bin Laden and professing his hatred for women. [...]
Ironic Surrealism noted the same Muslim was arrested two days earlier:
An intoxicated Saudi Arabian man visiting relatives in the area led police on a car chase around Ashland Sunday night and rammed two patrol cars before he was arrested, police said.
Yazeed Mohammeda Abunayyan, 19, drove the wrong way on Siskiyou Boulevard “several times,” with at least three police cars in pursuit, Ashland police Sgt. Bob Smith said Monday.
Smith said Ashland Sgt. Art Le Cours located Abunayyan as he drove his California-licensed silver Ford sedan into the Safeway parking lot. There, Abunayyan clipped the front passenger side of Le Cours’ patrol car, then attempted to run over a pedestrian in the parking lot, Smith said.
The pedestrian jumped halfway into the driver’s side window of the Ford, likely trying to remove the key from the ignition, but Abunayyan escaped and drove away down the wrong side of Siskiyou Boulevard, Smith said.
Smith said that while police were following Abunayyan in the parking lot at Safeway, his dome light was on and officers could see he was smiling.
Smith said Abunayyan rammed a second patrol car, from the Talent Police Department, at the intersection of Mountain Avenue and Siskiyou Boulevard, after the officer tapped him from behind in an attempt to get Abunayyan’s car to spin and stop.The Talent patrol car was too damaged to drive away after being rammed and had to be towed, Smith said.
Abunayyan hit Le Cours’ patrol car for a second time on Oak Street, sideswiping the passenger side as Le Cours attempted to pull him over, Smith said.
After about 20 minutes of eluding police, Abunayyan high-centered his car on a dirt embankment at the dead end of Clear Creek Drive and was arrested, Smith said.
“We were trying to stop him the entire time,” said Smith. “Who knows what he was thinking.”
Was he shouting allahu akbar? Ironic Surrealism also noted the Muslim-whipped media:
The Muslim shouting ‘Allah is great” and throwing a tantrum regarding the seating arrangements, is noticeably absent in this KOIN report, this NWCNreport, this Oregon Live report, this KATU report, this KPTV report, and thisHouston Chronicle report. Leading readers to believe the disturbance had begun when he refused to turn off his electronic cigarette.

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