Friday, February 24, 2012

NYC: Bosnian terror suspect’s 911 call – “we love death, no god but Allah”

From Creeping Sharia:

NYC: Bosnian terror suspect’s 911 call – “we love death, no god but Allah”

NBC NATIONAL NEWS — A New York terror suspect accused of intentionally crashing his car told police dispatchers “we love death” as the FBI and NYPD moved in to arrest him on January 7, 2010 for his alleged role in a plot to bomb New York City’s subways. Adis Medunjanin is heard on part of frenetic 911 call — obtained by NBC News — as he allegedly drove close to 100 mph along the Whitestone Expressway while counterterror officials followed him that January day. “This is Adis ‘we love death-,’ Medunjanin shouts before continuing in Arabic, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger.” Investigators have said after the subway terror plot was foiled, Medunjanin made a last effort to smash his car and call for attacks on Americans.
Medunjanin, a Bosnian immigrant arrived in the United States in 1994, was naturalized in 2002, and arrested in 2010. More from the 2010 post via the NY Daily News:
Medunjanin, 25, who is believed to have accompanied Zazi to an Al Qaeda training camp in Pakistan in 2008, fled in his car Thursday when he came home and saw agents swarming over his apartment, sources said.
He made it as far as Whitestone, Queens, where he crashed on the Whitestone Expressway about 4 p.m.
Medunjanin, a graduate of Flushing High School and Queens College, was grilled by the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force before his arrest, sources said.
Medunjanin traveled to the same terror camp with Zazi in 2008, a law enforcement source confirmed.
A more clear video here:

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