Friday, March 30, 2012

The 2013 Homeland Security Budget: Misplaced Priorities

by Jessica Zuckerman
The Heritage Foundation
March 23, 2012
In February 2012, President Obama issued his fiscal 2013 budget proposal. His $59 billion request for the Department of Homeland Security is slightly lower than the enacted level for fiscal 2012. The President is to be applauded for continuing strong financial investments in border security and cybersecurity. But his budget falls short in other key areas: Important security and immigration-law-enforcement measures have been cut. The Coast Guard remains in dire need of modernization and recapitalization. And the Transportation Security Administration remains a massive, largely unhelpful, bureaucracy. Too many items in the 2013 budget reflect misplaced priorities. As the Department of Homeland Security approaches its tenth anniversary, it is time for the Administration and Congress to enhance key capabilities within the homeland security enterprise.

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