Friday, March 16, 2012

Karzai wants us out, and he's right

From Jihad Watch:

Karzai wants us out, and he's right
Karzai is a scoundrel, but he is right about this, albeit for the wrong reasons. This mission is foredoomed. There is no clearly defined goal, and in any case any goal worth reaching is impossible to achieve. There is no bringing democracy or humane values to a Sharia state, and in any case we already gave the Karzai regime a Sharia Constitution, so we aren't really even trying to do anything effective for women or non-Muslims or the freedom of speech or the freedom of conscience. We're fighting against an enemy that the Vice President of the United States says is not an enemy, and that our client President of Afghanistan threatens to join. How long is this madness going to continue?

"Afghanistan wants early takeover of security: Karzai," from AFP, March 15:

Afghanistan wants to take over control of the nation's security in 2013 not 2014 and for US troops to pull out of villages, President Hamid Karzai said Thursday, just days after a US soldier massacred 16 villagers.
Karzai told visiting US defence chief Leon Panetta that "Afghanistan is ready to take overall security responsibility", a statement from his office said.

"Our demand is that this process should be executed sharply and the responsibility should be handed over to to Afghans."

Karzai said both sides should work together so that the process of handing security from international troops to Afghan forces would be completed in 2013 rather than 2014, the statement said.

The president also wants the United States to pull all its troops out of villages, where they have outposts, and relocate them in their bases.

International forces should "be withdrawn from villages and relocated in their bases", the statement said....

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