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Obama Administration didn't release photos of dead bin Laden for fear it would look like an attempt to "humiliate" al-Qaeda leader

From Jihad Watch:

Obama Administration didn't release photos of dead bin Laden for fear it would look like an attempt to "humiliate" al-Qaeda leader
Above all, the United States must not look as if it were trying to humiliate Osama bin Laden. He had vowed to destroy our nation and had murdered 3,000 Americans, a fate worse than humiliation as far as many are concerned, but we must not look as if we were out to humiliate him.

And why not? If the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims abhor and repudiate bin Laden's supposed hijacking of their allegedly peaceful religion, why would his "humiliation" bother them? And if it would bother them, what does that suggest about the actual nature of their beliefs?

"GREEN: Body of evidence: Americans need proof of dead villain like Libyans were given," by Anneke E. Green for the Washington Times, November 9 (thanks to Inexion):

Five days after being killed, Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was finally buried at dawn in an undisclosed location in the Sahara desert. This would have been five days too late had President Obama been calling the shots. Osama bin Laden’s remains were famously disposed of within hours of his death and “eased into the sea” in conformance with Islamic practice, according to the White House. Families of the victims of bin Laden’s atrocities have to take the government’s word for it that he’s actually dead because the Obama administration continues to refuse to provide proof.
To date, no photos or video of bin Laden’s body have been released despite numerous requests and a lawsuit filed by watchdog group Judicial Watch. The Obama administration made clear in a recent response to the lawsuit that presidential preference is the driving force behind its stonewalling. Oddly for a legal brief, its very first background point of reference quoted a transcript of an interview Mr. Obama gave to “60 Minutes”: “It is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence.” The brief additionally fretted, “The mere release of these images of Osama bin Laden could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt by the United States to humiliate the late al Qaeda leader.”...

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